About The Club

In 1952 four students at St Mary's College in Trinidad decided to form their own Cycling Club. Rapha Waithe, Rolph de Gannes, Ferdi de Gannes and Compton Gonzalves, the club was named Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club.

In 1985 Rapha Waithe, now living in Toronto, decided to approach several past members of Madonna Wheelers in Trinidad, now living in the greater Toronto area, to form an extension of Madonna Wheelers in Trinidad, which is still a very active and well known racing club. Including Rolph de Gannes (Past founding member) and Steve Hamilton (Past president) the club began operating as a full registered racing club. The club included men and women of all ages involved in Track Racing, Road Racing, Cyclocross, Triathlons and just pure keep fit cycling.

In Spring of 2022 Rapha passed away, and in Fall of 2022 Rolph also passed on. The club has decided to cease operations in Canada. Thank you all for many wonderful years of cycling.

Madonna Wheelers