Track Youth Cup #1

2015-0-07 |

Good evening,

There are 2 large teams on the track the NCCH from Hamilton and FCV from London, to compete with them we have pooled the resources of the Midweek and Madonna Wheelers Cycling Clubs, in the process claiming as many or more podium spots at the first Track Youth Cup of the season at the velodrome in Milton. The younger kids thoroughly enjoyed the evening socializing and playing with video games and each other in between the races, to the point Ben did not want to leave once it was all over. Mia, Mel, William and Connor all shared podiums and Oliver came close with a couple of 4th place finishes. Connor image above courtesy David Bibic and Ivan Rupes via Facebook.   

To understand how strong Ema and Dylan performed last night take a look at the image above from back in September putting the hurt on the coaches (Courtesy Peter & ).  

Last night they both won all 3 races each, then in the scratch races put the hurt on their competition by riding away and lapping several competitors in the process. Even Steve Bauer expressed his impression to me in his comment about Ema “She hurt them and then beat them, nice!”.  

 Congratulations to all,


Connor on the track.

Connor on the trackEma and Dylan hurting the coaches.

Ema and Dylan hurting the coachesUnfortunately Ben had to leave early for a family engagement and is missing from the group.

Midweek/Madonna Cycling Team