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Midweek Results - Tuesday July 4th

2006-0-04 |

Conditons were warm but windy for the first Tuesday night Midweek Cycling Club races of July. The early race was won by Aaron Arndt who comes to the Midweek Cycling Club from inline skating. Aaron, an accomplished athlete in skating is finding the conditioning and skills to compete at the higher levels in cycling as well.

Early Race
22 Laps - 21.5 km - 39.4 km/h avg. speed
1. Aaron Arndt (Midweek CC) 32:47
2. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) at 2"
3. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) all s.t.
4. Matt Campbell (Cyclissimo)
5. Steve Rheault (Midweek CC)
6. Jen Coombs (Ind.)
7. Maogosha Pyjor (Cycle4MS)
8. Liza Miranda (Midweek CC)
9. Peter Light ??
11.Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
12.Chantal Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
13.Chester Kasprzak (Midweek CC)

Midweek Results - Tuesday June 20th

2006-0-21 |

With only a week remaining before the National Championships ninety five riders would make the trip out to Midweek's Buckhorn circuit in Mississauga for the Tues. Night Races.

Reminder: Midweek's Media and Politician Day will be next week at the Buckhorn location with events beginning at 6:45. The night will feature cash prizes, a BBQ and more fun stuff. See you there.

Early Race
22 Laps - 21.5 km - 41.4 km/h avg.
1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 31:17
2. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) all s.t.
3. Gary Hirsch (Pavan)
4. Maogosha Pyjor (Cycle4MS)
5. Leo St.Germain (MBRC)
6. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers)
7. Tim Buckley (HBCC)

Midweek Results - Tuesday June 13th

2006-0-14 |

Conditions were perfect for the almost 90 riders that turned out for Midweek's weekly Tuesday Night double header. This week saw a fast and aggressive early race, as many riders tried to have a go, but it was Madonna Wheelers' Dan Thompson who took the honours. Classy Pavan seniors Ben Beneditz and Gary Hirsh also found spots in the top five.

Reminder: The Midweek Media Night will be in two weeks. Tuesday June 27th. Cash prizes, special guests, BBQ and more.

Early Race 
22 Laps - 21.56 km - 41.1 km/h 
1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 31:26
2. Mark Antonio (Ind.) all s.t.
3. Ben Beneditz (Pavan) 
4. Gary Hirsch (Pavan) 
5. #68 Mike Amaral or Anna Garnett 
6. (green) 
7. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) 
8. Andrea Bowker (D'Ornellas)
Prime: Len Ramsay

Midweek Results - Tuesday May 30th

2006-0-30 |

Conditions were hot and muggy for the monthy points race in the Midweek Tuesday Night Series. Peter Hein won the early race by sprinting for the early points and then defending his lead, the final sprint was won by Ayesha Rollinson, when she made a two rider break Liza Miranda and they picked up enough points to finish 3rd and 4th respectively.

Early Race 
Points Race 
20 Laps - 19.6 km 
1. Peter Hein (Madonna Wheelers) 16 pts 
2. Tim Buckley (Newmarket) 15 pts
3. Ayesha Rollinson (Midwek CC) 12 pts
4. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 8 pts
5. Liza Miranda (Midweek CC) 6 pts
6. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) 4 pts
7. Grant Buyar (Midweek CC) 3 pts
8. Ireen Wieditz (Jet Fuel) 2 pts
9. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers) 2 pts

Midweek Results - Tuesday May 9th

2006-0-10 |

Conditions were perfect tonight for the Midweek Tuesday Night Races. This week an early race was added to accomodate Sr.3/Masters women and riders who are not yet ready to make the step up to the open race. The group stayed intact for most of the race and the inevitable sprint was taken by Dan Thompson of Madonna Wheelers.

Early Race 
19 Laps - 18.6 km - 41.4 km/h avg.
1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 26:55 
2. Marc Sullivan (Midweek CC) all st.
3. Dennis Sartori (La Bicicletta) 
4. Jeremey Rethazy (Midweek CC) 
5. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers)
6. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) 
7. Red Jersey 
8. Hugh Carter (Madonna Wheelers) 
9. Rod Olliver (Open Access) 
10.Pierre Perrin (D'Ornellas)
11. Liza Miranda (Midweek CC)

2005 Madonna 25k + 50k Invitational Criterium Results

2005-0-28 |

Here's the Results from the Madonna Wheelers' 25 Km & 50 Km Criteriums on Sunday, August 28th. We've got a ton of Photos online now too... 


Top 3 Finishers
Top 3 Finishers
1st Jeff Hansen - Madonna Wheelers
2nd Peter Morse - Chain Reaction
3rd Greg Cavanaugh - Independent

Prime Winners
Lap 15 John Pucic - D'Ornellas
Lap 10 Rocky Haseim - Hummingbirds
Lap 5 Jeff Hansen - Madonna Wheelers


Top 3 in 25k Race
Top 3 Overall 
1st Mauro Martini - Pavan
2nd Mark Polsinelli - Pavan
3rd Gary Scully - Oakville Racing Team

Top 3 Ladies

Top 3 Ladies 
1st Maogosha Pyjor - Wheels of Bloor
2nd Andrea Bowker - D'Ornellas
3rd Diana Joness - Elite Racing Assoc

Top Masters D 
1st Raymond Lee Own - D'Ornellas

Prime Winners 
Lap 7 Ilija Pertrovic - D'Ornellas
Lap 5 Mauro Martini - Pavan
Lap 3 Mark Polsinelli - Pavan

The 2005 Club Champions are....

2005-0-28 |

Congratulations to the 2005 Club Champions
Hank Verhoeven, Category 'A' Champion
Jason Ortepi, Category 'B' Champion
Dennis DesVignes, Category 'C' Champion

Category A, B & C Champions

Hank, Dan and Damian were the only ones left in the running for Club Champion as we entered the final event... the criterium! Everybody was jockeying for the best draft as nobody wanted to lead out any laps. Hank took both primes with minimal contest from the other riders, it was looking like he may take the race when Damian broke away and nobody chased after him! Eventually Tom and George bridged the gap to form the lead group of 3. In the final sprint to the finish, George showed his extra speed beating the others to the line to take 6 points.

Chantal, Ronnie and Jason continued to play cat-and mouse in the B category throughout the races... Ronnie didn't want to lead, Chantal didn't want him drafting her, and Jason refused to give up! In the end, Jason managed to win 3 of the events, and settled for second in the Hill Climb! Great Job!

Dennis and Rolf had their fun in the C category, with Dennis managing to pull off 3 wins in fine form! He must be training with Ronnie!

Here's the results with points earned from all the events:

Championship Points

2005 Madonna Wheelers Team

Bike Fit Articles by Jeff Archbold

2005-0-07 |

Madonna Wheelers' own Jeff Archbold has passed along the following two documents for all those searching for the perfect bicycle setup! The first one, titled Bicycle Fitting covers all the basics. The second one, titled Bicycle Tailoring explains the benefits of having your bicycle custom fit to match your individual riding style and technique.

Jeff originally developed this information to compliment his custom frame building hobby. He currently works as a bike fit specialist at La Bicicletta in Toronto and can be reached at 416.762.2679

2005 World Master Games Results

2005-0-07 |

Congratulations to Madonna Wheelers riders Peter Hein, Rolph de Gannes, Ferdi de Gannes and Ronald Peters who cleaned up with a total of 10 medals at the 2005 World Masters Games in Edmonton!

Peter Hein
- Silver in the 18Km Road Time Trial (60-64)
- Bronze in the Criterium (60-64)

Rolph de Gannes
- Bronze in the 200M flying start Track Time Trial (70-74)

Ferdi de Gannes
- Bronze in the 200M flying start Track Time Trial (75-79)
- Bronze in the Track Mass Start (75-79)
- Bronze in the 500M Time Trial (75-79)

Ronald Peters
- Gold in the 200M flying start Track Time Trial (60-64)
- Gold in the Track Mass Start (60-64)
- Bronze in the 500M Time Trial (60-64) 
- Bronze in the 2,000M Pursuit (60-64)

Great job guys... See All The Results!

2004 Madonna 50k Invitational Criterium Results

2004-0-23 |

Here's the Results from the Madonna Wheelers' 50 Km Invitational Criterium on Sunday, August 22nd. We've got a ton of Photos online too... Check them out!

Hank makes his way through the pack

Top 3 Finishers
1st Mauro Martini - Pavan Cycle
2nd Mark Polsinelli - Pavan Cycle
3rd John Pucic - D'Ornellas

Top 3 Ladies
1st Anita Lagler - Mississauga Gears
2nd Erin Atkinson - Midweek Club
3rd Chantal Thompson - Madonna Wheelers

Top 3 Masters D
1st Ben Beneditz - Pavan Cycle
2nd Ted Webb - Brampton Cycling Club
3rd Rolph de Gannes - Madonna Wheelers

Lap prizes too numerous to mention were also won by some of the 50 competitors that took part.

The 2004 Club Champions are....

2004-0-22 |

Congratulations to the 2004 Club Champions
Dan Thompson, Category 'A' Champion
Chantal Thompson, Category 'B' Champion

Dan Thompson and Chantal Thompson

Dan and Hank were neck and neck in points before the start of the final event... the criterium! It looked like it was going to be a good old fashioned winner-take-all sprint-off. And, it would have been, if the race had only finished one lap earlier! Hank decided to sprint away for the white flag (which mysteriously looked checkered from way down the road) leaving Dan with more than enough speed to beat him to the line on the final lap.

Chantal dominated the B group once again, winning all but the sprint event, where Jason used his extra power to beat her to the line. We may just have to bump her up to the A group next year!

Here's the results with points earned from all the events:

2004 Club Championships Results Table
2004 Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club

2003 Madonna 50k Invitational Criterium Results

2003-0-08 |

Here's the official Results from the Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club 50 Km Criterium sponsored by Brampton Electric Motors on Sunday, August 24th. We've got a bunch of Pictures online already, and thanks to the Brampton C.C, we now have even more!

Top 10 Finishers

Top 10 Finishers
1st Thorben Wieditz - Thornhill Saab
2nd Don Zuck - Pavan Cycle
3rd Mike Rutledge - Pavan Cycle
4th Bruce Krip - Midweek Club
5th Chris Paton - Mississauga Gears
6th Carlos Barros - Somerset
7th David Fry - Midweek Club
8th Roy Zucchetto - Pavan Cycle
9th Erik Davis - Mississauga Gears
10th Rino Lopiccirello - Pavan Cycle

Top 3 Ladies
1st Chloe Black - Team Terry
2nd Anita Lagler - Mississauga Gears
3rd Ann Guzman - Brampton Cycling Club

Top 2 Masters D

1st Gary Hirsch - Pavan Cycle
2nd Rolph de Gannes - Madonna Wheelers

Lap prizes too numerous to mention were also won by some of the 72 competitors that took part, they were presented by Edgar Glyn-Williams of Brampton Electric Motors and Joanna Glyn-Williams of GW Protective Packaging.