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Ontario Criterium Championships - Ottawa

2008-0-15 |

July 14/08 11:15am EDT - Ontario Criterium Championships full results

Ontario Criterium Championships - Ontario Cup #8 July 13th, Ottawa ON
Presented by BRO - BikeRace Ottawa

Master 3 Men - 36.4 km - Average Speed 37.4 km/h
1G. Mark Antonio (Independent - RMMC.3)    0:58:21
2. Gary Monette (West Of Quebec Wheelers - RMM.3)
3S. Derek De Gannes (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RMMB.3)
4B. Paul Heffler (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RMMB.3)
5. Bob Haufler (Midweek Cycling Club - RMMB.3)
6. Erich Zappe (Ride With Rendall - RMMB.3)
7. David Chong (Lapdogs Cycling Club - RMMC.3)    all s.t.
8. Eric Larson (Ride With Rendall - RMMA.3)    0:06
9. Marc-andre Lauzon (Independent - RMM.3)    0:09
10. David Tompkins (The Hub Bicycle Club - RMMB.3)    0:11
DNS. Dan Robertson (Midweek Cycling Club - RMMA.3)

Derek De Gannes - Silver Medal

CHIN International Bicycle Races - Ontario Cup #7

2008-0-02 |

July 1/08 4:25pm EDT - CHIN International results

CHIN International Bicycle Races - Ontario Cup #7 Exhibition Place, Toronto ON
Presented by Midweek Cycling Club

Elite 3 Women - 28 km - Average Speed 37.7 km/h
1. Lisa Perlmutter (Reynold Cycle - RWE.3)    0:44:32
2. Briana Illingworth (Sweet Pete's - RWE.3)    at 1:45
3. Rachael Mirvish (Sweet Pete's - RWE.3)    1:45
4. Chantal Thompson (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RWE.3)    2:40
DNF. Hetti Ho-Mun Cheung (Midweek Cycling Club - RWE.3)

Master 3 Men - 28 km - Average Speed 40.9 km/h
1. Sianislaw Bielak (Wheels Of Bloor Cycling Team - RMM.3)    0:41:06
2. Brian King (Sabletine - RMM.3)
3. Bob Haufler (Midweek Cycling Club - RMMB.3)
4. Keith Williams (Independent - RMMB.3)
5. Derek De Gannes (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RMMB.3)
6. Mark Antonio (Independent - RMMC.3)
7. Mirko Gojic (Midweek Cycling Club - RMMA.3)
8. David Starrs (Coach Chris.Ca/Ted Velikonja - RMMB.3)

Elite 3 Men - 35 km - Average Speed 41.9 km/h
1. Dominik Kubicki (Ertc - RME.3)    0:50:04
2. William Kowalczyk (Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif - RME.3)    at 0:02
3. Toni Fischer (Midweek Cycling Club - RME.3)
4. Justin Kitney (Aztech/Cyclepath Kingston - RME.3)
5. Wes Stephenson (Rapid City Cycle - RME.3)
6. Chris Bouma (Sweet Pete's - RME.3)
7. Stephane Marcotte (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's - RME.3)
8. Michael Aston (Independent - RME.3)
9. Ryan Phelps (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.3)
10. Michael Falikowski (Jamis/Bikezone Racing - RME.3)
11. Jonathan Davis (Sweet Pete's - RME.3)
12. Chadwick Ruby (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg - RMU23.3)
13. Philip Cates (Lapdogs Cycling Club - RME.3)
14. Mark Cascella (Lapdogs Cycling Club - RME.3)
15. Charles Dumas (Su13.Us/Raceclean.Org - RME.3)    all s.t.
16. Tovi Heilbronn (Midweek Cycling Club - RME.3)    0:11
DNF. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RME.3)

The 2007 Club Champions are...

2007-0-20 |

Congratulations to the Champions of the 2007 Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club Championships:
Category “A” & Overall Club Champion – Derek de Gannes
Category “B” Champion – Chantal Thompson
Category “C” Champion – Dennis des Vignes

2007 Madonna Champions

More photos from the championships are available HERE 

The three categories were each very competitive this year.

The 34 km Road Race on Saturday August 18, 2007 was a wonderful race. During the second and final lap Derek de Gannes and Jeff Archbold broke away during the hills on the north route and by the time Dan Thompson crested the last hill they had managed a 200 m lead. Dan gave chase but was only able to recover 150 m of their lead. Derek won in a very close finish with Jeff not a bike length behind. During this final lap Chantal Thompson of the B group managed to hold onto the A group and finished just over a bike length behind Steve Hamilton.

The hill climb was won handily by Derek de Gannes with the only time registered under 1 minute @ 58.59 seconds.

The Sprints were held for each Category. In the A group, Hugh Carter won by a couple of bike lengths with Jeff and Derek close behind.  In the B Group, Jason Ortepi beat out Chantal Thompson by a couple of lengths. The C group was won by Dennis des Vignes with Bill Figuera and Compton Gonsalves in 2nd and 3rd.

The Time Trial brought out the best in many of the competitors. The A group was won by Dan Thompson with Derek de Gannes second and Jeff Archbold with the third best time. The best time recorded in the B Group was by Chantal  and the C group winner was Dennis des Vignes.

The final race for the overall championships was the 20 km Criterium. The B group managed to hang in with the A group throughout the race. During the race a Prime was held at lap 5 and this was won by Hugh Carter. A second Prime was offered for those 60+ and this was won by Dennis des Vignes. A third Prime was offered for those 50+ and this was won by Wayne Henry. The finish was amazing as 8 riders rounded the last corner, with all seeing the finish line and wanting that 1st place finish. As you can imagine the finish was very tight and was won by Dan Thompson with Steve Hamilton and Wayne Henry close behind. 4th place went to Chantal Thompson (a B rider) with Jeff, Tom, Derek and Jason all following close behind.

The overall winner on points and the Club Champion for 2007 was Derek de Gannes.

After the event all the prizes were awarded and all attendees were treated to lunch and refreshments at the nearby Swiss Chalet.

Another great job by everyone involved and thanks to all for the great cycling!

Here's the results with the points earned in each event:

Club Championships Points
2007 Madonna Team Photo

CHIN Picnic Criterium Results

2007-0-01 |

Elite & Master Women - 32.2 km
1. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg - RWE.1) 0:48:29
2. Chloe Black (Team Terry Precision - RWE.1) at 1:27
3. Krystal Jeffs (Hub Racing - RWE.2)
4. Julia Bradley (Team R.A.C.E - RWE.1)
5. Liza Miranda (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RWMA)
6. Danielle Haulman (Mazur Coaching/Hottubes - RWE.2) all s.t.
7. Lori Kofman (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja - RWMB) 3:44
8. Kathryn Rozitis (Independent - RWE.2) s.t.
9. Lucinda Wallace (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Clu - RWE.2) 6:13
10. Petrina Tulissi (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team - RWMA) all s.t.

Senior 3 Women - 32.2 km
1. Allison Lampi (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery Cycli - RWE.3) 0:49:57
2. Paolina Aluan (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt - RWE.3)
3. Danielle Kenny (H And R Block - RWE.3) bot:s.t.
4. Chantal Thompson (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RWE.3) 4:46

Senior 4 Men - 26.6 km
1. Jon Davis (Wheels Of Bloor - RME.4) 0:39:15
2. Alex Taylor (Independent - RME.4)
3. John Stephenson (Independent - RME.4)
4. Mirko Gojic (Midweek Cycling Club - RME.4)
5. Jesse Demb (Midweek Cycling Club - RME.4)
6. Mike Aston (Waterloo Cycling Club - RME.4)
7. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club - RME.4)
8. Clint Thompson (Brampton Cc - RME.4)
9. Geoff Agnew (Midweek Cycling Club - RME.4)
10. Chad Mussen (Independent - RME.4) all s.t.

Midweek Results - Tuesday June 19th

2007-0-17 |

In the early race, Madonna's Dan Thompson took the early sprint, but it was the midrace break of Ian Campbell, Liza Miranda and newcomer Drew Molnar that picked up double points at the halfway point before the pack woke up and reeled the move back in. With eight riders now with points in hand it was looking like a close race but Thompson's high placing in the subsequent sprints gave him the overall lead ahead of the charismatic Chris Kirk and Rob Anderson (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja), who would take the final sprint.

Early Race - 20 Laps - 19.6 km
1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 10 pts
2. Chris Kirk (Ind.) 9
3. Rob Anderson (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja) 8
4. Ian Campbell (Midweek CC) 8
5. Liza Miranda (Madonna Wheelers) 6
6. Drew Molnar (Neworld) 5
7. Graham Wheeler (Ind.) 4
8. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) 3
9. Joseph Comacchio (Neworld) 2
10. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers) 2
11. Simon Macdonald (Cyclissimo) 2
12. Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo)

1. D.Thompson, C.Kirk, S.Hamilton, D.Molnar
2. I.Campbell, L.Miranda, D.Molnar, S.Macdonald (2x pts)
3. D.Thompson, D.Hsiung, J.Comacchio, B. Kelly
4. R.Anderson, C.Kirk, G.Wheeler, D.Thompson, D.Hsiung, B.Kelly (2x pts)

Midweek Results - Tuesday June 5th

2007-0-06 |

In the early race a three man break got off early with Matt Campbell (D'Ornellas) picking up the majority of the points. The break worked well together, but with four laps remaining Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo) returned to the pack, but he had accumulated enough points to lock up third place. The duo out front battled it out to the end and Madonna Wheeler's Dan Thompson took the pack sprint for third place.

Early Race
1. Matt Campbell (D'Ornellas) 23 pts
2. 145 19
3. Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo) 8
4. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 4
5. Domenic 3
6. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) 2
7. Geoff Agnew (Midweek CC) 1

1. M.Campbell, 145, B.Kelly, G.Agnew
2. M.Campbell, 145, B.Kelly, Hsiung (2x pts)
3. 145, Campbell, B.Kelly, Domenic
4. M.Campbell, 145, D.Thompson, Domenic

Midweek Results - Tuesday May 29th

2007-0-30 |

The good weather and the end of the school season meant a jump in the attendence with over 118 riders taking to the start for the two Tuesday night races, including many first timers and some old friends. The late race was the first in the season Jack Wierzbicki Prestige Series - the "series within the series".

Early Race
22 Laps - 21.8 km - 43 kph avg.
1. Rick Meloff (La Bicicletaa) 30:01
2. Elliot Horwitz (Midweek CC) all s.t.
3. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
4. Tyone Singh (Ind.)
5. Mike Ybanez (Mississauga BRC)
6. Phil Harper (Newmarket Eagles) 
7. Jordan Kremblewski (Cycle Solutions)
8. Mark Kremblewski (Cycle Solutions)
9. Johnny Edgehill (D'Ornellas)

Three Generations... of jerseys!

2007-0-14 |

On Saturday's ride, we were lucky enough to have 3 generations of team jerseys in attendance... So we had to take a photo!

3 Generations of Jerseys

Next time we'll have to get Telly to dig out one of the even older ones... Steve even managed to find an old antique!

Midweek Results - Tuesday May 1st

2007-0-02 |

Temperatures were cool and atmosphere was electric before tonight's Midweek races. One may as well have been at a heavyweight fight. There's a certain tension that arises from the remote but very real possibility that tonight a man would be beaten to within an inch of his life; even if it is metaphorically.

The early race would be taken in a sprint by NASCAR-aficionado turned bike racer Ricky Meloff (La Bicicletta) following spirited riding by Madonna Wheelers' Steve Hamilton and Liza Miranda.

Early Race

18 Laps - 17.8 km - 39.1 kph
1. Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta) 27:18
2. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers) all s.t.
3. Liza Miranda (Madonna Wheelers)
4. Martin Davis (Midweek CC)
5. Brendan Ramrattan (Midweek CC)

Midweek Results - Tuesday July 3rd

2007-0-03 |

Please note the Schedule for the Midweeks for the month of July will be as follows :
6:45 Early Race
7:15 Kid's Race
7:30 Late Race

Early Race

20 Laps - 19.6 km - 41.8 kph avg.
1. Paul DeVries (Team RACE) 28:10
2. Chad Ruby (La Bicicletta) st.
3. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) at 10"
4. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) all st.
5. Johnny Edgehill (D'Ornellas) 
6. Liza Miranda (Madonna Wheelers)
7. Wayne Henry (Madonna Wheelers) 
8. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers)

Late Race

55 Laps - 53.9 km - 44.3 kph avg.
1. Jonathan Wood (ERTC) 1:13:00
2. Sam Bail (La Bicicletta) at 3"
4. Blair Purvis (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja) st.
5. Chris Freeland (Cycle Solutions) at 5"
6. Bruce Krip (Wheels of Bloor) all st.
7. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) 
8. Steve Heck (Team Trek/Ride for Karen)
9. Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor)
10. Jason Valenti (CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikonja)
11. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction)
12. Stuart McKay (Cycle4MS)
13. Paul Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor)
14. James McEwen (Midweek CC)
15. Brent Aquino (Invita Racing)
16. Dave Byer (Jet Fuel)
17. Rod McEwan (Jet Fuel)
18. Oscar Retamal (Ind.)
19. Robert D'Amico (Invita Racing)
20. Ed Maset (Invita Racing)
21. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo) at 1 lap
22. Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction)
23. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
24. Issac Smith (Aquila Racing)
25. Paul DeVries (Team RACE)

The 2006 Club Champions are....

2006-0-20 |

Congratulations to the 2006 Club Champions:
Hank Verhoeven, Category 'A' Champion
Peter Hein, Category 'B' Champion
Dennis DesVignes, Category 'C' Champion

2006 Club Champion Hank

There seemed to be a number of strong riders in each of the categories this 
year. It was going to be some tough racing. Hank made a breakaway in the last 8km of the Road Race and managed to make it stick for the win. The Hill Climb was shortened by 100m due to the closing of the bridge, so the challenge this was how to start the climb while already on the hill! Hank and Tom D were the only ones able to make it up in under a minute. Speaking of Tom... Did any one else notice he wouldn't stop smiling again? This happens every year!

In the Sprint, while everyone was watching Dan, Tom D made his move and launched way off the front... the rest of the lap was spent chasing in vain... This year we brought the Time Trial back, and it was a great course for it too! Dan may 
have had the best time out of the A's, but down in the B's, Peter was riding "Lance's Bike" and it sure helped! He beat Dan's time by over half a second! Finally we made it to the main event, the Criterium. Right off the start Tom F decides to break away. Knowing it's a 20k race and such a windy day, nobody in the pack figured he would be able to stay away... Wrong! Tom F kept a solid 30 second gap on all the chasers, right to the end!

After the races the club made it's way down the road to Wendy's for some burgers and refreshments. Great job everyone, thanks for coming out!

Here's the results with points earned from all the events:

Club Championships Points

2006 Madonna Team Photo

Midweek Results - Tuesday August 15th

2006-0-15 |

Conditions were mild but windy for the 81 riders that took part in this week's Midweek Tuesday Night Races. The sprint finish between Dan and Kris was so close, we had to refer to the photo to finally determine the winner! Take a look...

Dan Thompson - Madonna Wheelers Photo Finish Win

Early Race

20 Laps - 19.8 km - 39.8 km/h
1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 29:30
2. Kris Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) all s.t.
3. Dennis Sartori (La Bicicletta)
4. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas)
5. Mauro Rizzardo (Pavan)
6. Elliot Horwitz (Midweek CC)
7. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers)
8. Ilan Elgar (Midweek CC)
9. Ziggy M. (ZM Cycling Club)

Steve Hamilton - Madonna Wheelers Leads The Pack

Midweek Results - Tuesday July 25th

2006-0-25 |

Early Race
22 Laps - 21.56 km - 40.4 km/h
1. Kris Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling Club) 32:00
2. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) s.t.
3. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) s.t.
4. Mauro Rizzardo (Pavan) s.t.
5. Ben Beneditz (Pavan) s.t.
6. Wayne Henry (Madonna Wheelers) s.t.
7. Mark Sieradzan s.t.
8. Ron Baines (Waterloo CC) s.t.
9. Peter Hein (Madonna Wheelers) s.t.

Midweek Results - Tuesday July 18th

2006-0-19 |

Early Race
20 Laps - 19.6 km - 40.5 km/h
1. Dennis Sartori (La Bicicletta) 28:54
2. Ben Beneditz (Pavan) s.t.
3. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) s.t.
4. Tyrone Singh (Zm Cycling Club) s.t.

Late Race
50 Laps - 49.0 km - 45.2 km/h
1. Rodney McEwen (Jet Fuel) 1:04:58
2. Jeff Hansen (Jet Fuel) s.t.
3. David Fry (Midweek CC) s.t.
4. Jason Valenti (CoachChris.ca) s.t.
5. Gerard Yates (KHS) s.t.
6. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta) s.t.
7. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo) s.t.
8. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) s.t.
9. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel) s.t.
10.Dave Labancz (Ind.) s.t.
Primes: Heath Cockburn (2), David Fry, Jason Valenti, Peter Morse, Jeff Hansen
92 Starters

Midweek Results - Tuesday July 11th

2006-0-12 |

A hot, sunny Tuesday night brought out a season high ninety eight riders to the Midweek Tuesday Night races. In addition Mr. McCarthy from the Mississauga News and the growing number of spectators we were joined by a crew of photographers from the Mississauga Camera Club.

Check out photos from the night on Mississauga Camera Club's excellent site: Here.

Early Race
22 Laps - 21.5 km - 41.0 km/h
1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 31:33
2. Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas) all s.t
3. Graham Anderson (Midweek CC)
4. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC)
5. Ben Beneditz (Pavan)
6. Matthew Campbell (Bayside)