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Markham Giro 2012 - D'Ornellas Criterium

2012-0-21 |

I have lost track, however I believe this is the 5th annual D’Ornellas criterium we have been invited to and raced, the first 3 were in pouring rain, last year was almost dry and this year for the first time was bone dry.

Being that we are invited it is not nice to overwhelm our hosts with too much success and as is traditional we shared our podiums. In the 5 to 8 age group Conner (Jeff’s son and future member) was an easy winner, in the 9 to 17 age group Ema (Jeff’s daughter 10) was an embarrassing winner, despite being asked to slow down several times, won by at least half a lap and lapped a couple of participants in a 3 lap race.

Knowing this we forced Summer (12) to race the D’Ornellas open criterium in the ladies division. Chantal broke away from the main peloton with James and 4 D’Ornellas riders and managed to stay away till the end therefore winning the ladies, Summer dropped the other 2 D’Ornellas ladies and actually lapped them before taking 2nd place in the ladies division.

The men did not fare as well, James was outmaneuvered by the other 4 D’Ornellas riders in the breakaway and sprinting is not his forte. Believe it or not Bruce Camacho was one of the 4 and finished 2nd amazing for a 64 year old that was unconscious as a result of the crash at the end of the Terracotta race.

Our sprinters all sat in the main peloton waiting for the break to come back but it was not to be. It did not make sense chasing down James and Chantal not knowing exactly what was happening up front. In the end due to some lap scoring mix up and strange bell ringing we ended up with 2 sprints, Roger Waithe took the first one and I took the second from Dan and I believe the D’Ornellas sprinter who won the first 3 races we competed in.

All in all a great day of fun racing, not sure how many knew or took advantage of it but a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, ham, baked goods, juice and coffee was provided and available to all who attended. This is still the best and probably safest criterium course in Ontario and it is nice that we can continue to share in its use courtesy of the town of Markham and D’Ornellas cycling club.

Photos from the Criterium have been posted to the gallery HERE.

Congratulations to all who raced and thanks to all who helped.

Womens Race Top 3

le Tour de Terra Cotta - Results and Photos

2012-0-10 |

Final results have finally been posted on the sports stats WEBSITE.

Terracotta today was a little overwhelming for all including the officials who seemed to have trouble keeping track of the results.

We have not yet seen the official times posted for the time trials, from what we know Ema was top 10 in both the road race and time trial, Summer was 4th in the time trial and 3rd in the road race. Sheannah was 2nd in the 19+ girls in the Beginners road race and Chantal was 5th in the 20-29 girls in the Elite road race.

The Intermediate road race however was not fun with 177 starters, despite doing a great job staying with the lead group for 52km Dan and James went down 100 metres from the finish in a crash that sent Bruce Camacho and Pierre Perrin to the hospital. Somehow, due to no major injuries and chip technology Dan still managed 34th and James 40th overall after picking themselves up and finishing. Somehow Pierre also got up and finished 60th with a broken collar bone and Bruce 149th on a stretcher in an ambulance. Tough day for the racers. Congratulations to all for a valiant effort under tough conditions.

Photos have been posted to the gallery HERE.

Thanks to Lorne, Gabe, Jeff, Dennis, Wayne, Bobby, Colline, Peter and Jane for showing up to support the team.

Telly climbs the hill... Again

Tom Jehlicka Memorial Criterium, Cobourg - 2012 Results

2012-0-08 |

Chantal was stuck using this race as her Commissaire Technical Assistant day, so was unable to race with the rest of the team. Clint, Mark and Dan entered the Sport category, for a 45 minute + 3 laps race. Here's my track log on Strava. The weather was threatening thunderstorms, so that likely scared of many of the participants. Unfortunately, that left many unknown riders in the field, as most were locals, and they were working together to make us work.

An early break formed, and the pack never came back together. There were small jumps trying to close it, and even a 7 lap effort from Dan with a great leadout by Clint, but no success. Final placing as reported HERE:

1. Noal Savage (Peterborough C.C.)
2. Zac Wheeler (Peterborough C.C.)
3. Phill Vermette (Euro-Sports)
4. Chris Herten (Cobourg C.C.)
5. Kieran Andrews (Peterborough C.C.)
6. Bruce Camacho (Dornellas)
7. Pierre Perrin (Shut Up Legs)
8. Scott Wood (Peterborough C.C.)
9. Richard Westwood (Kurzawinski)
10. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
11. Bayley Simpson (Peterborough C.C.)
12. Clint Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
13. Dave Blundel (Peterborough C.C.)
14. Greg Elmhirst (Peterborough C.C.)
15. Brett Anderson (Independent)
16. Rhys Penelagan (Peterborough C.C.)
17. Arlen Penalagan (Peterborough C.C.)
18. Mark Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
19. Tanya McNeil (Flirtees)

Thanks to all the Thompson families for coming out to cheer us on! Just as we were rolling onto the highway to head home, the thunderstorm arrived. Good thing we didn't enter the Open race!

Trinidad & Tobago Cycling Federation - National Championships 2012

2012-0-02 |

‎[National Road Time Trial] - Congratulations to Jovian Gomez (BikeSmith) on being crowned the 2012 National Road Time Trial Champion in a winning time of 53:04.96 in the 37.5km event ahead of silver medallist for two years running, Guy Costa (Rafmon/Mecalfab Heatwave) and Joshua Alexander (Team Foundation) in third place.

The indelible Roger Smart (Degree Madonna) copped the Masters 40-49 category while Derek de Gannes flew in to put a whipping on the Masters 50-59 12.5km Road Time Trial. Earl Mcleod moved up two (2) places from last year to grab precious Gold in the Masters 60+ Time Trial.

Congratulations once again to all!

Jovian Gomez - 53:04.96 - 42.39km/h
Roger Smart - 37:19.02 - 40.19km/h
Derek de Gannes - 17:02.43 - 44.02km/h
Earl Mcleod - 20:21.84 - 36.83km/h

Click HERE for more news from Facebook.

The 2012 Club Champions are...

2012-0-30 |

Congratulations to the Champions of the 2012 Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club Championships:
Category “A” & Overall Club Champion – Dan Thompson
Category “B” Champion – Jeff Archbold
Category “C” Champion – Joe Power
Ladies Champion – Claire Brown
Seniors Champion - Egan Gould-Davies
Youth Champion - Jacob Meloche

2012 Category Champions

Madonna 2012 Results

2012 Madonna Team Photo

Club Championships - This Weekend

2012-9-25 |

Reminder club championships this weekend Saturday July 28th and Sunday July 29th

As some competitors realign themselves the categories look like this –

A – Dan Thompson, Derek de Gannes, Clint Thompson, James Meloche and Steve Hamilton (I will skip the road race to take care of a safety issue)

B – Wayne Henry, Tom Ducharme, Jeff Archbold, Mark Thompson, Peter Hein and Chantal Thompson. (Tom is out of town Sunday and will only race Saturday)

C – Jonathan Ortepi, Bradley Thompson, Jason Ortepi, Anthony Thompson, Joe Power, Frank Ceravolo, Angelo Balis, Brad Holloway and Samera Fares.

Ladies – Clare Brown, Elf Guillemette and Sheannah Guillemette.

Seniors – Dennis des Vignes, Egan Gould-Davies and Oliver Thompson.

Youths – Jakob Meloche, Ema Archbold, Summer Sandford and Sam Orlick.

Due to the number of competitors I am estimating completion of the championships including prize presentation will be closer to 1:00 p.m. than my original noon.

Wayne has invited us to his home in Brampton for a celebration BBQ after the races on Sunday hope most of you can make it, as last year was lots of fun.

If you have any questions please email me.


Club Championships - Categories

2012-0-19 |

In an effort to keep everyone competitive within their own group, I am diluting the prizes going back to only 3 deep however adding 2 categories. The new categories are:

A)     Dan Thompson, Derek de Gannes, Clint Thompson, James Meloche and Steve Hamilton.

B)      Wayne Henry, Tom Ducharme, Jeff Archbold and Mark Thompson.

C)      Jonathan Ortepi, Bradley Thompson, Jason Ortepi, Joe Power, Frank Ceravolo, Angelo Balis and Brad Holloway.

Ladies) Chantal Thompson, Samera Fares, Clare Brown, Elf Guillemette and Sheannah Guillemette. Ladies can choose to race A,B or C instead of their own category.

Seniors) Dennis des Vignes, Egan Gould-Davies and Oliver Thompson. Seniors can choose to race A,B or C instead of their own category.

Youths) Jakob Meloche, Ema Archbold, Summer Sandford and Sam Orlick.


Road Race (16km loop) – A – 3 laps, B – 2 laps – All others 1 lap.

Hill Climb (500 metres on Webb road) – All same

Sprint (2km) All same

Time Trial (3km) All same

Criterium A+B+C 20km , Seniors and Ladies 10km, Youths 5km.


Hope this helps keep the event a fun time for all to enjoy with a minimum of stress. If you plan to attend and your name is not included above please let me know now.


Strawberry Ride - Sunday June 17th

2012-0-09 |

One week from tomorrow (Father’s Day) is the Strawberry Ride from 38 Rotary at 9:00a.m. We will have a couple of options for those who want a short easy ride about 25km in about an hour and 15 minutes, beyond that depending on turn out we can have a 50km to Stouffville and a 70km to Musselman Lake. Anyone not cycling should not arrive before 10:30a.m. if you do you can sit in the shade in the backyard with a cool drink but NO STRAWBERRIES till everyone is back.

It would be a great help if we could get an idea of numbers to cater, please confirm you will or will not be coming.

2012 Club Championships - Jul 28th & 29th

2012-0-15 |

Madonna Wheelers annual Club Championships are scheduled for the weekend of July 28th and 29th. The Road Race and Hill Climb events will take place on Saturday, July 28th, and the Sprint and Criterium will take place on Sunday at the Tahoe Blvd (Midweek) circuit. Be there by 9am. Hope everyone can make it out.

The 2011 Club Champions are...

2011-0-31 |

Congratulations to the Champions of the 2011 Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club Championships:
Category “A” & Overall Club Champion – Derek De Gannes
Category “B” Champion – Jeff Archbold
Category “C” Champion – Anthony Thompson
Category “D” Champions – Dennis des Vignes, Egan Gould-Davies, and Leslie "Elf" Guillemette in a Three Way Tie!

2011 Club Champions

Results from 2011 Club Championships

2011 Madonna Team Photo

The 2010 Club Champions are...

2010-0-19 |

Congratulations to the Champions of the 2010 Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club Championships:
Category “A” & Overall Club Champion – Dan Thompson
Category “B” Champion – Wayne Henry
Category “C” Champion – Leslie "Elf" Guillemette

2010 Club Champions

More PHOTOS from the championships are available HERE!

The club today completed the best attended championships in its history. We all have families, injuries and commitments and it is very difficult to find dates that can suit everyone. Between our August 21st and September 19th events we saw 18 competitors in 3 groups compete for and walk away with $900 in cash plus 3 trophies. We also introduced the first kids race and saw Nicole Carter walk away with a medal.
The weather was incredible, cool and sunny and those who joined us for Roti and doubles afterwards seem to enjoy it. The winner of the C group was a new club member Leslie (Elf) Guillemette, the B group someone who has been trying for years and finally put it together, our official club coach Wayne Henry and in the A group no stranger to the honour,  after a 2 year absence Dan Thompson. We missed Anthony, Len and Jeff today as we missed Derek, Mark and Jonathan in August.  
Thanks to Lorne & Gabe for their work, Rolph, Hugh, Peter and Jane, who did not compete but were on hand to lend their support and take photograph, also Sheannah and Arty for marshaling the corners and keeping traffic out of our way.  Finally all the family members who showed up to cheers us on and make today very enjoyable for us.


Club Championships Points

2010 Madonna Team Photo

The 2009 Club Champions are...

2009-0-20 |

Congratulations to the Champions of the 2009 Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club Championships:
Category “A” & Overall Club Champion – Hank Verhoeven
Category “B” Champion – Ronnie des Vignes

2009 Club Champions

More PHOTOS from the championships are available HERE 

Our Club Championships concluded today in beautiful sunny and cool temperatures. Thanks Lorne, Gabe, Sheila, Elf and Jane for organising and photography. Having missed the first half Derek showed up and proved he would have been in contention for the overall honours by winning both the Road Race in 1 hour 5 minutes (Avg. 43.33 km/h) and the Hill Climb in a new record time of 0:54:11 previously held by Ed Ounjian at 0:55:41 in 2000.

The overall winner however having won the Sprint, Time Trial and placing second in the Criterium, Road Race and Hill Climb is the new 2009 Club Champion Hank Verhoeven. Jeff having been stuck in California on business and Dan nursing an injured knee (from hiking not cycling) will be back next year with renewed energy and respect for the challenge.

The B group was just as interesting with Peter Hein back from 3 weeks in Europe (No cycling) winning both of today’s events.
The overall winner however and 2009 B Champion is Ronnie des Vignes having placed 2nd in the Time Trial, Road Race and Hill Climb as well as 3rd in the Sprint and the Criterium. Chantal and Jason proved they were competitive with Chantal winning the Criterium and Jason placing second in the Sprint.

We missed you Wayne, Tom, Dennis and Joseph for different reasons and hope you will be back next year when again we hope to have enough participation to justify 3 categories.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hank and Ronnie.

Club Championships Points

2009 Team Photo

D'Ornella's Criterium Photos Online

2009-0-23 |

Thanks to Steve for passing me a CD containing Peter and Jane's most excellent photos from the D'ornella's Criterium the other week. They are now online and available for viewing in the new revamped Photos section, along with some great shots pulled from the archives from previous club championships' events.


Hank & Jeff off the front!


Dan off the front in a 4 lap break away!

D'Ornella's Criterium Recap

2009-0-09 |

The D’Ornellas criterium took place today at the end of a thunderstorm on a soaking wet course. Some planned entries backed out at the last minute (Eon D’Ornellas and Bruce Camacho among them ) however the club’s best sprinter Aubrey Bryce was there and very prominent finishing second overall and taking a couple of primes. Madonna was represented by Hank Verhoeven, Jeff Archbold, Dan Thompson and Steve Hamilton with the support of Peter, Jane and Sheannah, Elf and Arty helping marshal the course. Even though Steve got dropped after the third prime and none of our riders made the podium, we worked the race, Hank, Dan and Jeff each won a prime and Dan was in a break with one lap to go but got caught with less than half a lap remaining’ There was no question we were noticed and appreciated at a very well organized event with BBQ, P.A. system and washrooms supplied by Delta Hotel and closed roads and police provided by the town of Markham. By the way no crashes, it was a pleasure to ride with experienced, intelligent cyclists who respected each other’s safety.  Eon wanted to know who was the Madonna cyclist that won the time trial last Wednesday, nice going Derek you were of course very much noticed also.

Thanks Ken for the invite, nice job, you said you did not want us to win so hopefully we made you happy.

The 2008 Club Champions are...

2008-0-24 |

Congratulations to the Champions of the 2008 Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club Championships:
Category “A” & Overall Club Champion – Dan Thompson
Category “B” Champion – Tom Ducharme
Category “C” Champion – Joseph Faria

2008 Club Champions

More PHOTOS from the championships are available HERE  

Club Championships Points

2008 Madonna Team Photo