Tom Jehlicka Memorial Criterium, Cobourg - 2012 Results

2012-08-08 |

Chantal was stuck using this race as her Commissaire Technical Assistant day, so was unable to race with the rest of the team. Clint, Mark and Dan entered the Sport category, for a 45 minute + 3 laps race. Here's my track log on Strava. The weather was threatening thunderstorms, so that likely scared of many of the participants. Unfortunately, that left many unknown riders in the field, as most were locals, and they were working together to make us work.

An early break formed, and the pack never came back together. There were small jumps trying to close it, and even a 7 lap effort from Dan with a great leadout by Clint, but no success. Final placing as reported HERE:

1. Noal Savage (Peterborough C.C.)
2. Zac Wheeler (Peterborough C.C.)
3. Phill Vermette (Euro-Sports)
4. Chris Herten (Cobourg C.C.)
5. Kieran Andrews (Peterborough C.C.)
6. Bruce Camacho (Dornellas)
7. Pierre Perrin (Shut Up Legs)
8. Scott Wood (Peterborough C.C.)
9. Richard Westwood (Kurzawinski)
10. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
11. Bayley Simpson (Peterborough C.C.)
12. Clint Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
13. Dave Blundel (Peterborough C.C.)
14. Greg Elmhirst (Peterborough C.C.)
15. Brett Anderson (Independent)
16. Rhys Penelagan (Peterborough C.C.)
17. Arlen Penalagan (Peterborough C.C.)
18. Mark Thompson (Madonna Wheelers)
19. Tanya McNeil (Flirtees)

Thanks to all the Thompson families for coming out to cheer us on! Just as we were rolling onto the highway to head home, the thunderstorm arrived. Good thing we didn't enter the Open race!