Markham Giro 2012 - D'Ornellas Criterium

2012-08-21 |

I have lost track, however I believe this is the 5th annual D’Ornellas criterium we have been invited to and raced, the first 3 were in pouring rain, last year was almost dry and this year for the first time was bone dry.

Being that we are invited it is not nice to overwhelm our hosts with too much success and as is traditional we shared our podiums. In the 5 to 8 age group Conner (Jeff’s son and future member) was an easy winner, in the 9 to 17 age group Ema (Jeff’s daughter 10) was an embarrassing winner, despite being asked to slow down several times, won by at least half a lap and lapped a couple of participants in a 3 lap race.

Knowing this we forced Summer (12) to race the D’Ornellas open criterium in the ladies division. Chantal broke away from the main peloton with James and 4 D’Ornellas riders and managed to stay away till the end therefore winning the ladies, Summer dropped the other 2 D’Ornellas ladies and actually lapped them before taking 2nd place in the ladies division.

The men did not fare as well, James was outmaneuvered by the other 4 D’Ornellas riders in the breakaway and sprinting is not his forte. Believe it or not Bruce Camacho was one of the 4 and finished 2nd amazing for a 64 year old that was unconscious as a result of the crash at the end of the Terracotta race.

Our sprinters all sat in the main peloton waiting for the break to come back but it was not to be. It did not make sense chasing down James and Chantal not knowing exactly what was happening up front. In the end due to some lap scoring mix up and strange bell ringing we ended up with 2 sprints, Roger Waithe took the first one and I took the second from Dan and I believe the D’Ornellas sprinter who won the first 3 races we competed in.

All in all a great day of fun racing, not sure how many knew or took advantage of it but a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, ham, baked goods, juice and coffee was provided and available to all who attended. This is still the best and probably safest criterium course in Ontario and it is nice that we can continue to share in its use courtesy of the town of Markham and D’Ornellas cycling club.

Photos from the Criterium have been posted to the gallery HERE.

Congratulations to all who raced and thanks to all who helped.

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