D'Ornella's Criterium Recap

2009-08-09 |

The D’Ornellas criterium took place today at the end of a thunderstorm on a soaking wet course. Some planned entries backed out at the last minute (Eon D’Ornellas and Bruce Camacho among them ) however the club’s best sprinter Aubrey Bryce was there and very prominent finishing second overall and taking a couple of primes. Madonna was represented by Hank Verhoeven, Jeff Archbold, Dan Thompson and Steve Hamilton with the support of Peter, Jane and Sheannah, Elf and Arty helping marshal the course. Even though Steve got dropped after the third prime and none of our riders made the podium, we worked the race, Hank, Dan and Jeff each won a prime and Dan was in a break with one lap to go but got caught with less than half a lap remaining’ There was no question we were noticed and appreciated at a very well organized event with BBQ, P.A. system and washrooms supplied by Delta Hotel and closed roads and police provided by the town of Markham. By the way no crashes, it was a pleasure to ride with experienced, intelligent cyclists who respected each other’s safety.  Eon wanted to know who was the Madonna cyclist that won the time trial last Wednesday, nice going Derek you were of course very much noticed also.

Thanks Ken for the invite, nice job, you said you did not want us to win so hopefully we made you happy.