Club Championships - Categories

2012-07-19 |

In an effort to keep everyone competitive within their own group, I am diluting the prizes going back to only 3 deep however adding 2 categories. The new categories are:

A)     Dan Thompson, Derek de Gannes, Clint Thompson, James Meloche and Steve Hamilton.

B)      Wayne Henry, Tom Ducharme, Jeff Archbold and Mark Thompson.

C)      Jonathan Ortepi, Bradley Thompson, Jason Ortepi, Joe Power, Frank Ceravolo, Angelo Balis and Brad Holloway.

Ladies) Chantal Thompson, Samera Fares, Clare Brown, Elf Guillemette and Sheannah Guillemette. Ladies can choose to race A,B or C instead of their own category.

Seniors) Dennis des Vignes, Egan Gould-Davies and Oliver Thompson. Seniors can choose to race A,B or C instead of their own category.

Youths) Jakob Meloche, Ema Archbold, Summer Sandford and Sam Orlick.


Road Race (16km loop) – A – 3 laps, B – 2 laps – All others 1 lap.

Hill Climb (500 metres on Webb road) – All same

Sprint (2km) All same

Time Trial (3km) All same

Criterium A+B+C 20km , Seniors and Ladies 10km, Youths 5km.


Hope this helps keep the event a fun time for all to enjoy with a minimum of stress. If you plan to attend and your name is not included above please let me know now.